Program-And-Tell: Felt Pikachu

Program-And-Tell: Felt Pikachu

In April, I kicked off a new monthly program series for elementary-aged kids with a stuffed felt Pikachu sewing project. It was the first program I got to completely design myself at my new job. Coincidentally, it was also my first time teaching kids how to sew. Read on to see what I did and how it went.

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Program-And-Tell: Kids Craft Market

kids maker market
A child shows their grown-up their newly purchased perler bead creation.

In mid-December, I hosted our second-annual (and my first ever) Kids Craft Market. Kids signed up to “sell” their wares—be it origami animals or bracelets or “fake paper airplanes”—to other kids. Besides the general anxiety of worrying if people will show up, it’s one of the easiest programs I’ve planned. And it’s one of the most rewarding! Continue reading “Program-And-Tell: Kids Craft Market”