Voila! First post. I’ve been meaning to make this blog for a while and figured that there was no better time than the present to channel all my #alaleftbehind negativity into something more productive: a blog to chart my professional journey in the field of librarianship. Check back here for the successes, failures, dreams and nightmares of this millennial #kidlitnerd who spends too much time baking bread and not enough time reading.
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Caldecott 2017 predictions

Confession time: I still have not read all the picture books that have come out in 2016. But, according to Calling Caldecott, each RealCommittee member gets to nominate seven books for consideration. The following seven titles, then, are my “nominations.” I hope that the RealCommittee (and anyone who might be reading this) will show me all the books I’m missing out on—like Radiant Child and Freedom Over Me, both of which are still “in-process” at our main library and, sadly, not in my hands.
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