Postcards to Mousie Brown

Little Mousie Brown
Little Mousie Brown outside her home, sporting a chic scarf a coworker knit for her.

After a Little Mousie Brown puppet became a staple in my storytime routine, I got an idea: What if she started receiving a postcard at every storytime? Many wonderful people on Facebook and Twitter played along and agreed to send mail to the puppet. My coworkers delivered the postcards using a really cute Pack Rat hand puppet. The exercise ultimately would have been better for older kids but, hey, it was too much fun not to share! Read on for the messages Little Mousie Brown received.

And… THANK YOU to all of you who participated!

From Hartford, CT:

Author Mark Twain lived in Hartford from 1874-1891. During that time he wrote some of his most well known books including “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

From Philadelphia, PA:

Greetings from Philadelphia! Did you know that the first zoo in the United States opened in Philadelphia in 1874? It is now home to 1300 animals! 

All the best,

From Phoenix, AZ:


Greetings from Arizona! We are home to the Grand Canyon, Saguaro Cactus and very hot summers. You should visit sometime, there’s lots of fun stuff to do!

Your friend,

From Tokyo, Japan:

Dear Little Mousie Brown,

Greetings from Tokyo, the last stop on my journey! This is a picture of Tokyo Tower, an iconic landmark. I frequently forget that many countries begin preparing for Christmas much sooner than the U.S. In the U.S. we usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but Christmas decorations have been up for several weeks in Japan now. I remember it being the same when I was in Germany and Denmark. There is no major holiday right before Christmas so they begin the festivities much sooner!


From Chicago, IL:

Fun facts about Chicago:
1. The Ferris Wheel was invented in Chicago in 1893!
2. The vacuum cleaner was invented in Chicago in 1868!
3. We don’t put ketchup on our hot dogs or veggie dogs in Chicago!

From Hudson Valley, NY:

Dear Little Mousie Brown,

Yesterday my friends and I went for a drive through the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. The fall foliage is gorgeous—so many colors! And the sky was very blue! It was a great day for a road trip, and we stopped at several places, including Storm King Art Center, pictured on this postcard. It’s a sculpture park. It was fun to walk around and see what sculptures we would come across. Some were hidden by trees so it was like discovering secrets!


From Paris, France:


Dear Little Mousie Brown,

Here in Paris I wake each day to the sound of the Seine river that floats past the Eiffel Tower. Most days, I nibble on “les baguettes” and “fromage.” Sometimes, my whiskers tickle.

Ton amie,
Petite Souris Marron

From Chichibu, Japan:

Dear Little Mousie Brown,

It’s me, your friend Potekuma-kun! I am from Chichibu, which is in Japan. It’s a city one hour from Tokyo. Chichibu is famous for two things. Every May there is a special festival for “shibazakura,” a beautiful pink flower. “Miso-potato” is also famous. It’s a baked potato with yummy miso sauce. That;s why I’m the mascot of Chichibu City! Kuma means “bear” in Japanese.


Potekuma-kun (and Alyssa)

From Newbern, TN:

Hello Little Mousie,

Greetings from Newbern, TN! The Depot on this card is in the center of our town. It is on  the National Register of Historic Places. Once a Year, usually the 3rd Saturday of September, a festival is held to raise money for maintenance and restoration. We have a museum inside with model trains running on special occasions. Amtrak stops for passengers twice each day.


From Denver, CO:

Dear Mousie Brown,

My name is Rhiannon, and I live in Denver, Colorado! My city is called the mile high city, because it’s so high above sea level. We even have to use different recipes! Colorado is also home to the Rocky Mountains, which are so big I can see them from my yard! I hope you and Alec are well!


From Kagoshima, Japan:

Dear Little Mousie Brown,

I am currently in Kagoshima City in Kagoshima Prefecture. The capital of each prefecture usually has the same name as the prefecture. Shopping arcades are very common in larger cities in Japan. It was interesting to find this postcard of how Tenmorkan Street used to look. The architecture of the buildings have completely changed, and the roof over the shopping arcade is now a permanent structure that connects the buildings on both sides of the street. I wonder when this photo was taken—there’s no date!


From Boise, ID:

Dear Mousie Brown,

Boise is lovely this time of year. The leaves are red and yellow. As Idaho’s capital, it is surrounded by mountains and is flush with foliage. Plus, the cheese is amazing! Come visit!

Your friend,
Mr. Cat

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