Looking Back on 2017

Image credit: Miguel and the Grand Harmony by Matt de la Peña, illus. Ana Ramírez (Disney Press, 2017)

We did it! It’s almost 2018. That means this blog is almost one year old, so I’m reflecting back on the year’s posts. If I had to choose one word or phrase to describe the year, I’d choose “Oh gnome you don’t!” because (a) the current administration, (b) this delightful board game entered my life, and (c) I really don’t know how I managed it all and am still learning how to say no.

2017 has been such a big year for me both personally and professionally:

As of this writing, I have 19 followers. Thank you to all of you who have read along this year. It’s been a strange journey figuring out exactly what I’m up to here but I’m grateful to those who’ve stuck around or joined along the way.

All in all, I wrote 40 posts this year12 shy of my goal of posting every week. Here are the ones that got the most attention:

  1. Coming Out to My 8-Year-Old Niece: in which I let myself be vulnerable and was surprised by how accepting today’s youth can be
  2. Performative Allyship and Storytime II: in which I confronted my storytime practice head-on and called myself out on failed allyship
  3. Performative Allyship and Storytime: in which I confronted my storytime practice six months earlier than the above post to check-in about my storytime goals
  4. Promoting Diversity & Equity Through Children’s Literature: in which I shared resources from a diversity training I co-facilitated for child care providers in Southern Oregon
  5. What I Learned From My Year in Early Intervention: in which I summarized lessons learned from my kickbutt year serving in AmeriCorps at an early childhood intervention and preschool facility

I can already tell that 2018 is going to be another big yearmostly because I’m starting a new job! I’m transferring from my lovely little branch into the Youth Services department of the main library. The hardest part will be saying goodbye to family storytime, but I’m really excited to take up the mantle of school-age STEAM programming. Plot twist: I’ll still get my storytime fix by leading occasional storytimes at the children’s museum!

Here’s to another year of great books, great programs, and great changes. Libraries (and museums) rock!


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