#alaac17 Redux

Even though I broke my suitcase and got lost way more times than I’d like to admit, I made it safely back to Eugene! Last weekend was full of so many surprises—including some hard truths. Rather than delve too deeply into it all, I’m going to suggest that you take a look at my and other contributors’ guest posts on the ALSC Blog. There was so much coverage of the conference that you’ll almost feel like you were there.

For quick reference, here are the posts I authored:

  • Storytime Saves the World: in which I share tips for social justice storytimes and inclusivity of LGBTQ+ books and patrons.
  • The World At Your Fingertips: in which I share ideas for incorporating children’s literature from other countries into programming and collection development
  • Libraries Are Not Neutral Spaces: in which the myth of library neutrality is totally 100% debunked and I learn actionable ways to use librarianship as a platform for social justice work
  • And the Work Continues: in which I address the rampant whiteness of our profession and the ways we (white) librarians leave librarians of color and First/Native Nations librarians behind

NOTE: If you, like me, are a white librarian, I’d also suggest heading on over to Reading While White to check out its post Roundup of Links, post-ALA Edition. There you will find recaps of ALA from women of color. Read all three, if you can. Undoing racism is a reflective practice. So, take time to listen as you do the work.


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